Fertility Treatment

Complete fertility treatment packages

Braun PharmaCare is one of the premier fertility pharmacies. Our core values of service, integrity and education remain strong today. Patient and practitioner relationships are emphasized and reinforced daily. It is our goal to leave a positive impression on each and every person who comes into contact with our pharmacy, and we are committed to providing expert and compassionate assistance to our patients who are dealing with infertility.

We have a large inventory of the most modern fertility medications at competitive prices, and will verify your insurance benefits to help you find ways to maximize your coverage. Giving you a complete package with your fertility medications, including syringes, needles, swabs and sharps containers, is something we take very seriously. Confidential, overnight shipping of all medications is available.

At Braun PharmaCare, we believe in what we do and would like to share our years of knowledge and experience with you. Our insurance specialists will work with your physician’s office to obtain the necessary authorizations, so your medications may be covered by your prescription insurance provider. We’ll also provide online direct transmission to over 100 prescription insurance companies. At Braun PharmaCare, we accept most prescription drug card plans and will enroll in any new plan to help serve our patients

Specialized Fertility Medications

Note: The following list represents the most commonly prescribed fertility medications and is not a comprehensive list of the specialty medications offered by Braun PharmaCare. For a complete list please contact us.
– Bravelle 75 IU Vials
– Cetrotide .25 and 3mg prefilled syringes
– Clomid Tablets 50mg
– Crinone 8% gel
– Delestrogen
– Endometrin 100mg inserts
– Follistim AQ 300 IU Cartridges
– Follistim AQ 600 IU Cartridges
– Follistim AQ 900 IU Cartridges
– Ganirelix 250mcg prefilled syringes
– Gonal-F RFF 450 IU Pen or Multidose
– Gonal-F RFF 300, 900, 1050 Pens
– IVIG (Gammagard liquid)
– Leuprolide Acetate 2 week kit
– Menopur 75 IU Vials
– Novarel, Pregnyl & HCG 10,000 Units
– Ovidrel 250mcg prefilled syringes
– Progesterone in oil 50mg/ml Vials
– Progesterone suppositories
– Saizen 8.8mg Vials
– Viagra 25mg suppositories

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